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Around the world, developers are bringing out applications, which give users an endless list of iPhone apps and great platform to promote and sell products and services. Hundreds of businesses are using iPhone to reach out to a potentially elite target audience.

The competitiveness of the market has resulted in many offshore centers coming up around the world. One can easily outsource their custom development projects to these places and get high-end products developed. These offshore development centers employ developers with expertise who not only develop apps based on your requirement, but also provide suggestions to make your app better.

In such a scenario, it is difficult to image that every iPhone development project hits the success button. With hundreds of apps hitting the market, each and every week success isn’t that easy. This calls for the developers to be highly innovative, technically sound and have a wonderful delivery and service model. In this write-up we shall discuss some of the key points, which make an app, stand out in the market.

Cost of Developing an App – How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iPhone App

One important information first: These costs may vary depending on what device you are developing for.

  • Simple, table based app – $1,000-4,000 – you submit all the content, example apps and clear direction of what you want it to do.
  • Database App (native) – $8,000-$50,000 – you submit every piece of content, writing, image, sound, etc.
  • Games – $10,000-$250,000 – The advantage of a game app is that they download in much bigger number. There is nothing more viral than a fun game, which is something to keep in mind for your ROI.
  • Additional Includes:
  • In-App Purchasing – $1,000-$3,000 – this enables users to buy new content or full versions of the apps.
  • Web Services – $1,000-$5,000 – This is taking the content to a remote access point so that you can upgrade your application with an XML files rather than raw code changes.
  • Game Center – $1,000 – Apple’s done a good job at making this assimilation simple with the SDK.
  • Share Capabilities – $500-$1,500 – This is generally for social media (Twitter, Instagram Facebook) and emailing, but there can be other integrations.

Developing Mobile Apps – Tips to Market iPhone Apps

  • Be Innovative – When it comes to iPhone development, the keystone to your success is innovation. You need to make your application stand out from others in the market. You will be competing among thousands of other applications of your genre, so innovation is very important. Since many of the iPhone apps are paid for delivering value for money, it becomes all the more important.
  • Choose Target Well – Although developing an app for the masses may seem to be ideal it is always advisable to go after a niche market. The target market can be based on geography, age group and specific behavior. This will give you the freedom to include some classy features and processes, which are unique to this target market. It will also attach more value to your application as most of the users look for specific functionalities while downloading an application.
  • Get Exposure– It is one thing to develop an app and another to create a buzz. Once you are done with the development, send it to review website. These will not only do a critical review of your product but will also provide you with publicity. Also, it is a tendency of users to download app once they have read their reviews. If your app receives a lot of criticism, you should correct your shortfalls to turn it into a better product.

These points kept in mind will help you develop your project into a success. It is also important to upgrade your product with the needs of the users.


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