Bespoke Application Development: Increase Your Business Productivity

Software Development for Business

More than 60 years have passed since the word software was first used. Now there are three main categories:  

  • System software – basic software that manages hardware components and helps the computer to operate more efficiently;
  • Programming software – a set of tools that write programs;
  • Application software – programs that perform certain tasks, such as office suites, computer games, and database systems.

The creation of the last one grows in its popularity, while app development companies grow in their number. People looking for a bespoke solution for their needs face the problem of finding the right developer for their task. Let us present our services to you and describe what you can purchase, applying to our bespoke app development firm. But firstly, we need to define some notions and determine what options you have. When a company is looking for the right software, it makes a choice between ready-made and bespoke software.

What Is Bespoke Software?

Enterprises that are looking for proper software are entering the mobile world. Considering a modern pace of life and business priority to be the groundbreaker, to become mobile is a primary objective. Bespoke software is great opportunity to be ahead of your competitors. The value of bespoke, also known as tailor-made or custom software lies in the fact that we design it specifically for your key business objectives. It is an exclusive program for your employees and customers, whether it is an app for email and social media, administration and asset management or data storage and analytics. With our services, you can avoid clunky interfaces and the risk of purchasing ‘shelfware,’ which you won’t use because its features don’t meet your needs. With our help, you get an essential tool for work.

What Is COTS?

Commercial off-the-shelf software is a type of program designed for specific uses and available to the general public. It doesn’t require bespoke development before being installed, hence you don’t pay for its creation, but you pay for its usage according to its license, which in long-term prospects may be even more expensive. Compared to tailored apps, COTS is also less dependable because it is developed from scratch in minimal time. Some ready-made apps, for instance, apps with an open code, can be modified, and in this case we can add some feature your company needs. But such modifications have to be restored every time the program is updated, which may cause extra expenses and worries.

Advantages of a Professionally Developed Custom Software

The professionally developed bespoke software has certain benefits and gives you the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Our developers design such programs for your unique needs. Besides, custom software can be smoothly integrated into your existing IT tools across the whole organisation.We provide you with a more flexible solution, which you can not find in any alternative packaged software. Even after it is launched, it still can be modified to reflect your business changes. You can rely on our after launch support and maintenance of your digital tool. When you come to our custom software development company, you gain control over the app making process, getting information at every stage. Before we start, our team will consult you about possible ways of realization for your ideas, giving you our expert suggestions based on our experience in IT. In view of these facts, we believe that our professional services give you a significant business advantage over competitors.  

Enterprise App

Entrepreneurs as one of the most forward-looking representatives of humankind pretty soon realised that software can significantly improve their businesses. There is even a particular type of software called enterprise application (EA), software designed to operate in a corporate environment. This complex, component-based, work-centric, scalable and mission critical system platform can be designed only with the involvement of professional and experienced developers, like ours. It consists of several programs and is created for unparalleled business functionalities. EA becomes crucial when it comes to a computer-based system. It  is used for processing online payments, shopping, computerised billing, content management, resource planning, forms automation and many other management processes. Ultimately, EA enhances productivity and efficiency with a business level support functionality.

Small Business Apps

There is a belief that custom software creation fits only big corporations. But given that the potential functionality of apps is steadily growing, small businesses’ interest in their own app development isn’t surprising. App creation is a cost-effective investment, which usually pays off within a year. For instance, such functions as in-app payment or booking can reduce the amount of time your employees spend fulfilling orders and accomplishing routine procedures. Besides, it gives you the opportunity to let people all over the world know you and to find your customers among these people. Small business mobile apps have a number of advantages for their owners:

  • Information
  • Branding and recognition
  • Customer support and engagement
  • Revenue generation

In 2015 30% of online purchases were made via mobile devices. Compared to the previous year, mobile sales increased by 32%. Commerce business isn’t the only industry that can benefit from a mobile app. Based on the Google resent research, B2B sector is one of the top buyers of custom software application development services. All the numerous functions of mobile apps provide you with incredible opportunities, limited only by your imagination.

Bespoke Application Development Services

The world becomes more IT literate and software development services become available in any business environment. Our team has been making tailored apps since 2010 and now our expertise and experience in the IT industry allow us to design and implement bespoke application services that fit your business like a glove. Thanks to innovative technologies, we help you to automate your everyday operations, increase efficiency and improve customer experience. If you want to obtain and manage customer information in a particular way but don’t have enough knowledge in IT to meet your requirements, you can always apply to our company. Our primary aim is to find out what you need and provide you with a right bespoke solution.

Custom Web Apps

It is easier to use the web with our web solution. Complicated calculations and clunky time-consuming processes can be streamlined with the help of a remote server that provides you with real-time data and statistics. Speeding up the operations, you help your customers and employees to deal with your business online. Your web app, which is based on your ideas and elaborated thanks to our professional input, becomes an easy-to-use and efficient tool. Our team of designers creates a stunning interface layout to deliver a seamless experience to your staff and customers. Whether you need to develop a private network like intranet or extranet, an operating system, a project management tool or whatever you may need, we can do it for you.   

Tailored Mobile Apps

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are now one of the common ways to present information and run some of the business processes. The world is getting mobile and, as a result, requires new approaches to business operations to keep up with the times. To meet your needs, we design both native and cross-platform apps, using all advantages of the OS we work with.

  • The iOS platform is considered to be the most stable and invulnerable. We design and build apps for iPad and iPhone to meet your requirements. We use all advantages of the iOS platform and follow all Apple standards to make the application you need.  
  • The number of Android users is rapidly growing because it is used on many devices. We build your app according to all Google guidelines for every device on the Android market, making the design look good on any screen.

We generally work for two major platforms – iOS and Android – but we also create apps for Windows and Blackberry.

Technology We Use

As highly professional app developers, we have a broad range of tools we use in the process of app building. Our expertise allows us to transform your business needs into a powerful software tool that can help you to increase your efficiency and productivity. Our team consists of Java experts, PHP developers, HTML5 designers and ASP.NET app builders who can work with complicated projects and high-quality, cost-effective web and mobile solutions. Our developers use innovative technologies to automate and speed up your business, reduce costs and improve user experience. Our toolset also includes Adobe Flash, CSS, Microsoft Silverlight, ActionScript and many more.  

How We Work

We have a meticulous and elaborate process of app creation. With the help of our experience, we have developed a step-by-step procedure. At first, we need to fully understand our client’s needs, that is why we start with a discussion, during which we identify the most important features of the future app. With a clear picture of your business objectives in our minds, we create a minimum viable product, which is a wireframe of the program that already works and allows us to test its functionality. We work with its UI/UX design, making the interface both user-friendly and pretty-looking. Testing program every time we make modifications helps us to eliminate all bugs. Leading up to the final stage, we implement additional functions the customer wants and conduct QA test to deliver a high-quality, functional and attractive app, which meets all customer’s business needs and guarantees a return on the investment. After the product release we continue app evaluation and feedbacks analysis to find out how we can upgrade the app.

Cost-effective Investment>

The advantages of having your own app are:

– Your software works for you, improving your business performance and saving your money in the long run.

– It can also pay off and generate profit.

It is hard to say how much it costs to develop an app  because every project is unique and requires different approaches and functions. Customer requests vary from a simple app with basic functions to a multifunctional program that empowers your business to perform complicated operations. The price ranges from £20k to sums that only huge corporations can afford. Our average price for a development case is about £30k – 40k, which sounds reasonable compared to others development companies. To find out more, just call us, tell us about your project and we will help you to calculate your costs.

Contact Us

Let our team of IT experts pick a proper solution for your specific issues. Whether you need to boost profitability, reach your target audience or manage your business in a more efficient way, we are able to help you. Our expertise helps us to supply you with a high-quality app with a good interface and keep your app up to date. The bespoke application development services we offer can give you an advantage over your competitors.